Drones & Cameras

We operate with a range of professional drones from the DJI Inspire 2 to the very latest micro drones. We can fly for over twenty five minutes at a time and can operate independently from any location base. 

Our drones fly with high definition cameras that can shoot from 2K to 6K UHD, uncompressed video and have a variety of super 35mm lens options to suit your production needs.

We monitor all footage in flight with a High Definition downlink so you can view the footage in real time. 

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Our philosophy is to approach every shoot with a creative eye and attention to great storytelling. We love all things drone-tech but believe that the secret to stunning aerial footage lies in good old camerawork - so framing, composition and movement are king.

That’s why we only employ cameramen and directors who have proven experience across, promos, commercials and broadcast TV.


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We’re experienced in operating in extreme temperatures and environments. We have taken our drones to some of the world’s most challenging locations from sub-zero glaciers in Iceland to the jungles of Panama and the Sonoran desert in Mexico. There is not a location in the world that we can't operate in.  



With new technology and virtual reality growing as a market we can offer 360 6k video using the latest Insta360 pro camera systems. We can also give advice on things such as interactive VR tours, creative videos and immersive content.  


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